4 Things To Do If The current Year’s Confirmation Did Not Support You


This year admission processing is a very hard one for aspirants as a lot of candidates did not get admitted,lecture has commenced for the admitted one in some of these school while yet to beadmitted candidate are still having the faint hope that another admission list will be released for them
so if you’re unlucky to be among those that the not get admitted and you can’t spend another year at home,you can try some of these

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APPLY FOR AVAILABLE POLYTECHNICS ADMISSON: if you’re not of the opinion that HND is inferior to BSC then you can go for some of the available polys form and applied.NDA form is even available
LOBBYING: yes, Nigeria admission is no longer about how high your O’level marks is,simply look for an influential person to help you and surprisingly, you will get the already closed admission.

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GO FOR PRE-DEGREE PROGRAM: Another meaningful thing you can do is to go for pre-degree program,a lot of school now are offering the program and you have a guarantee to gain admission to the school next year.

RE-WRITE JAMB: the last thing you can do is to simply purchased jamb form and correct some neccessary things,pick less-sought school,choose less-competitive course and hopes that its going to favour you.

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