5 Creative Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

5 Creative Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom
Technology has made its entry into the classroom. Many schools are now taking advantage of the many benefits technology in the classroom has to offer. It has significantly improved students’ engagements, collaboration as well as making learning more fun. In addition, tech-savvy teachers are happy to welcome technology because it is helping them to ease the mode of impacting knowledge. We share 5 creative ways to use technology in the classroom.
Create a class website
A class webpage could be a simple website where you post latest information, assignments, and other material students can download. For example, if a class or exam is postponed, the information can simply be posted on the website. Students can easily access this information wherever they are. Such platforms include Blackboard.

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Use an online grading system
Technology has largely changed the way students are graded. You can now use online grade books to score your students rather than doing it manually. This will save time and both teachers and students can track their grades. There will be no need to physically take a report card home to your parents.

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Give multimedia presentations
The traditional way of lecturing which involves chalk/blackboard or marker/white board is now outdated. The practice today is using power point. The powerpoint presentation features diagrams, images, videos and audio clips. These presentations can even be sent to the students.

Email exchange
There are schools that have digitised. So, students have access to their own Personal Computer (PC) with internet access. They can do research and emails can be exchanged among students. Jumia Travel adds that, if students don’t have a PC, they can use their mobile phones. Many students especially in secondary school, now own smartphones. These smartphones can be used for this purpose.

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Create a Podcast
There are countless numbers of podcasts for different courses. Teachers can aggregate these podcasts and share with students. Or better still, you can create weekly podcasts of lessons and other classroom activities.

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