7 Reasons To Password Your Devices

We have very many reasons to password protect our devices, these are some the main ones.

1. Friends
We all have that one nosy friend who wants to poke his/her nose into everything you’re doing. They ask, and if you deflect their inquiry, some persist while some even go as far as investigate albeit illegally. So locking your device might prevent unwanted prying into your business from friends and even enemies in friends clothing.

2. Family
For the married folks, you discover that one needs not spread every dirty linen in public.
Children become irascible, extended family members become over bearing at times. So restricted access to your device might save you some embarrassment from family members and even children who may inadvertently stumble into very sensitive materials or information.

3. Children
This is just like the child lock for vehicles or parental guidance for the TV. Children can be mischievous at times.

Once they discover an app they like in your device, they keep running it till your battery runs out irrespective of the power situation. So in order to monitor their use of your device, you need to password it.

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4. Colleagues
At work, some colleagues are actually competitors. Marketers who need to meet certain targets can bear witness to that. Some can steal your clients, others that are jealous could derail incentives coming your way or stand in your way to promotions via correspondence they might obtain from your device if not locked.

5. Chats & Adult content
For those who deal in adult content, it is actually very necessary to have your device locked as anyone could just get hold of your device, and trust Nigerians with their prying nature, the first point of call is your videos and pictures after your messages. I mean, it’s a terrible attitude, but most people just like reading peoples chats, SMS etc. like it is theirs. I hate it. Even spouses should at least have little privacy, not total but little.
Unrestricted access to your device could make your relationship sour and your pastor watch your porn in church!

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6. Theft
This is actually one of the most important reason. Everyone would have at one time or the other misplaced or had his/her device stolen. In such cases, there is no way to ask the new owner or bearer not to delve into what you have inside. Many people have their codes for banks, schools, businesses etc. in their devices. These come in very handy to robbers who snatch your devices to have access to your bank accounts or worse things. Could even lead to blackmailing via the contents one could have in the device as was obtained some time ago with those telecoms staffers that went to frolic Dubai then misplaced their phone. So it is very important to password your device in that regard.

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7. Battery and Keyboard
I once went to visit a lady and the mum. While there with all the churchous gist and what have you, I observed that I was hearing a mourning sound attributed to adult movies. On close observation, I noticed that my phone was actually the source of the sound and on bringing out my device, it was playing the hot raunchy video live.
Thankfully my hosts didn’t notice as the volume was on low and I had to struggle to just put the phone off. Just imagine stuff like that happened while in a bible school or prayer meeting. Also, you could dial numbers by just sitting down or press a key by so doing thereby draining your battery, but if the device was locked, none of these will happen.

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