Airtel Has Started Wiping The Free 5GB and 90GB Data

Like usual you can’t cheat airtel and go scot-free with it, many times airtel has used their tricks to punish users that have always try cheating them or has cheated them by the wiping their data even sometimes fishing out some of the sims and depriving them of some things.

Have you noticed that airtel has started wiping out the free GB we got from the IMEI tweaking we did here just a few days back? Today after downloading some latest movies to watch and some large files last night, so this evening as picked up my airtel sim to continue my downloading activity but was surprised to find out that I can’t even browse and to my greatest surprise I was not having any BG remaining.

One of my guru friends reported that the cheat was reported by someone to Airtel customer agent which I do not know how to show he was. But all the same. if you still have yours please I will advise you to download everything on the internet because it will be painful seeing your struggle going away just like that, so for it to be a story I will advise you to finish up the GB.

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If you do not know where to download game or movie to watch just let me know so I can help you out with a fast link to download whatever you wish to.

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