Check Out This Incoming!; LG is working on a transparent foldable display

Have you ever wondered where technology is leading us to ? Have you ever wondered the next step technology will take? So far so good technology has moved fast even faster than we could imagine.

Display industry has been pushing forward tirelessly, because of that we can enjoy things like high-performance smartphones, OLED technology and curved panels, among other things. The latter is a fairly new advancement and represents a major stepping stone toward the ultimate goal of a fully flexible display.

This is hardly a new concept and the race has been on for quite some time now. Traditionally, Samsung and LG have been most actively involved in the endeavour. The former demoed a foldable panel back in 2014 and promised a foldable smartphone by 2015. That apparently proved to be a bit of a tight deadline, but we are sure R&D is still in full steam.

Around the same time, LG offered a slightly more laid-back roadmap. A newly unearthed patent document might just suggest the 2017 deadline is achievable. Sadly, it provides a little info, but early concept renders make one thing clear – LG is not only going to a foldable panel but a transparent and touch-sensitive one as well.

It appears LG is envisioning a book-shaped device that is capable of folding in on itself. The left half of it appears to be a transparent touchscreen, showing multimedia controls. These will likely control the content on the other half of the panel, which would probably benefit more from being non-transparent, for the sake of quality. Another interesting idea is that, perhaps, the touchscreen on the transparent half will register interaction on both sides.

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