Free Digital Tools That Any Newsroom Can Use

The media industry is developing really and like any other industry it has seen many innovations to improve the quality of services provided. Today we share with you some of the latest innovation in the industry.

ICFJ’s Knight Fellows are global media innovators who foster news innovation and experimentation to deepen coverage, expand news delivery and better engage citizens. As part of their work, they’ve created tools that they are eager to share with journalists worldwide.

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Their projects range from Push, a mobile app for news organizations that don’t have the time, money or resources to build their own, to Salama, a tool that assesses a reporter’s risk and recommends ways to stay safe. These tools and others developed by Knight Fellows can help news organizations everywhere find stories in complex datasets, better distribute their content and keep their journalists safe from online and physical security threats.

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This is a good read for media owners to push for more effeciency.

As part of the 2016 Online News Association conference, try out these 14 digital tools that any newsroom can use. If you adopt any of these tools or lead any new projects inspired by them, tweet about it to @ICFJKnight.
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