Get 3.2GB for Just 1000Naira on GLO network for 30days

Glo is proving to be the best network in terms of cheap data as they roll out mouth watering data plans which are damn cheap, infact the cheapest so far.

To subscribe for these glo data bundle dial *777# press 1 and 1 again then choose either month, weeks or daily plan, you will then sellect your choice plan and that is all.

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If you are not comfortable with the above subsceiption method then you can use direct uss code for each plan as it is below.

Subscribe for 3.2 GB data for 1000 naira with * 127*53# Subscribe for 7.5 GB data for 2000 naira with *127*55# Subscribe for 10 GB data for 2500 naira with * 127*58# Subscribe for 12 GB data for 3000 naira with * 127*54# Subscribe or just dail * 777# and follow prompt

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