Instagram Has Finally Launch Offial Windows 10 App

Great move!! Instagram has officially made windows 10 Instagram app available for easy download.
Normally before you can log in to Instagram you have to first launch your browser, but thanks to this wonderful step, you no more need to launch your browser for you log in to your Instagram all you have to to is just to install Instagram on your PC and yu are good to go

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With an Instagram third party app, you can easily navigate your dashboard and made some changes in your account if you like, upload as many as selfies you wish to withe some seconds, upload as many videos you like to and even take some selfie with your PC webcam. Using the Instagram app on your PC will automatically push any new notification to your notification board and you can easily access it with no stress at all.

This is a smart move for Instagram because no matter how smart your phone is, you still need a PC to finish some work. We patiently look forward to more features in the app.

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You can download the Instagram app for windows 10 here

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