List Of Top Free Proxy Servers ( Proxy Sites)

Many will still be wondering what the use of proxy server, but proxy server, helps you to hide your activities online and it also gives you Access to block and to Restrict websites website and other web pages.

You have full Access to your activities online and can also change your location with your Proxy server. Many uses this Proxy servers with VPN to Tweak their device for Free browsing, this depends on the proxy server that was tweaked.

Changing your Location of while browsing is made possible using proxy server, many will be browsing here in nigeria but you see their location to be United kingdom because you are using U.K IP ( the work of Proxy servers). It makes you Anonymous and untraceable.

Apart from giving you access to restricted sites, by bypassing an ISP proxy through setting your browser to use ‘another proxy server’ you can also cache your web pages using Prox server and also Speed up your browsing experience.

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Mean while there are some Risk in using proxy server, but you are advice not to use proxy server when visiting some Certain websites which will ask you for Your Personal details like ( Date of Birth, Surname, Bank details and Many mores).

Because its a free proxy server and your details Safety is not guaranteed because you might fall in hand of bad ones. Hope you can see the risk of using proxy is a kind of been high. So when using Free proxy server always be Alert and gallant, because of other bad guys online. This what makes you an internet gurus. Below are list of proxy servers


1. Proxify –

2. Free Open Proxy –

3. Proxy 2014 –

4. Unblock YouTube Free –

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5. kProxy –

6. BlewPass –

7. Zfreez –

8. 4everproxy –

9. Unblock My Web –

10. YouTube Unblock Proxy –http://

11. Vtunnel –

12. –

13. New Ip Now –

14. Ninja Clock –

15. AnonyMouse –

16. AnonyMizer –

17. Defilter –

18. Free Proxy Server –

19. Free YouProxyTube –

20. –

21. Working Proxy –

22. Free YouTube –

23. HideOnline Proxy –

24. Vobas –

25. Vobas –

26. Don’t Filter –

27. Fast USA Proxy –

28. YouTube Free Proxy –

29. Proxyo –

30. Rapid Proxy –

31. Unblock YouTube Beat School –http://

32. Hiding Your Info –

33. Unblocker –

34. Quickproxy –

35. The Best Proxy –

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36. EXCS –

37. Just Proxy –

38. Proxy-2014 –

39. VPN Browse –

40. ProxyOne –

41. Web Proxy Free –

42. Can’t Block This –

43. Hide The Internet –

44. Greatest Free Proxy –

45. Proxay –`

46. ViewTube –

47. PRO Unblock –

48. HideMyTraxProxy –

49. Working Proxy –

50. Star Doll Proxy –

51. USA Proxy –

Feel Free to select from any of the above Proxy sites. Although we know There are thousands of free proxies from different locations, counties and regions of the world. But we just dropped this ones above.

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