Officially –The Essential Phone Now Comes In Four Color Options

The Essential Phone comes in four color options – Stellar Gray, Ocean Depths, Black Moon, Pure White – but it’s only the black model that has been available so far. Well, that changes now, as the company has confirmed that the white variant is now available for purchase as well.

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The confirmation came in the form of a Facebook post, where-in the company said the model is available from their official website as well as third-party outlets like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sprint.

However, turns out only Essential is currently offering the Pure White variant – Amazon says shipments will begin in 1-2 months, while Best Buy has the unlocked model as ‘coming soon’ and Sprint’s variant as ‘sold out’. Sprint’s official website, on the other hand, doesn’t even list the white model.

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The availability situation should change soon. Meanwhile, you can head to to make a purchase.

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