Pay Me What You Owe; Facebook Messenger Now Remind Your Friends To Pay Back What The Money Owe You

Facebook is known for it constant update, for the past month’s facebook has been constantly updated with new features so that you can enjoy your time spent online and even offline.

Facebook rolled out a new feature to Messenger where it allowed users to create polls so that they could ask their friends questions and get votes to see which answer is the most popular. However, it seems that isn’t all because Messenger also has a new feature that reminds your friends that they owe you money and vice versa.


Facebook Messenger has supported peer-to-peer payments since last year, where users could actually send money through Messenger to their friends. However, it seems that the app has been updated where it can keep an eye out for certain words or phrases, such as “IOU” or “you owe me” and will prompt users if they want to make the payment.

From the screenshot above, you can see it shows a conversation where the other person reminds you that you owe them $18, but the conversation has since been turned into a clickable button where you can make the payment on the spot. This reminder should make it easier as users can quickly access the payment platform instead of having to launch it on their own.

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