See How To Boost Your Glo Internet Connection Speed To be More Faster

I know many people are now Rushing to glo network due to their newly Recapped Data Plan, therefore there is a Probability that you might be Experiencing slowness in your internet Speed.

I don’t want you to see me as a bad person if It didn’t work for you, because it works for some people and doesn’t work for other,So if you give it a shot and isn’t working for you just tell us using comment box below. But if it works for you kindly flex.

As I was surfing internet, I came across this article I decided to give it a try and after giving it a try it works perfectly, if you are a Glo Users and you notice your browsing is a kind of been Slow you can boost your internet browsing speed with the Below APN settings.

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Kindly Go to Your Mobile Network Settings and Change your APN to -» or

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You can Try it on Your PC and also Mobile Phone it works find on both in my area I don’t know for You. For my Experience it is more faster than the normal glo default APN.

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