Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat On Your-Freedom Vpn.apk

Settings For Glo Free Browsing Cheat On Your-Freedom Vpn.apk Days ago, i realized that you can browse unlimitedly using Glo with the help of Your-Freedom (YF) VPN.

Today, i decided to share with you guys the working settings for YF vpn just as an alternative free browsing cheat. Back to Glo free browsing cheat on Your- Freedom vpn. Let me tell you one disadvantage of this cheat on YF vpn. The browsing speed is slow and the downloading speed is very very slow.

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You will be limited to 64kb/s speed as a free user. Apart from this, the cheat is cool for browsing and chatting. Now, let me drop the b0mb.


  • A Glo sim with 0.00 balance and no data
  • Strong 3G network
  • Your Android phone
  • Your-Freedom
    Name: Flexyhubs

    APN: glounlimitedzone or gloflat

    APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
    Proxy: leave it blank
    Port: leave it blank
    Username and password: flat

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    First of all, download Your-Freedom vpn.apk Here Launch the app after download and set it as follows:

    Open the app, tap on Configure

    => Account information, then create an Account. Get your username and password and input it in Account information. Now, navigate to Configure

    => Connection and set it like this.

    Your Freedom Server: ems02.your-. Tweaks: select Nigeria Glo Connection Mode: DNS Port: 53

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    Now, go back to Main page and tap on Start Connection. It will connect immediately. That's all. If you have any problem or confused about this settings, kindly comment below. If you find it difficult to comment.

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