Some Importance Characters Of The Book “IN DEPENDENCE” You Need To Know

It will be good of you to take note of some characters in a book while studying, especially if you are going to be tested on that book.
Concerning the book “In Dependence” that UTME applicants will be tested on, we have compiled a list of important characters in the book. JAMB may equally ask questions based on this. So do well, to get your self familiar with the characters. 
They goes thus:
1. Omotayo Oluwakayode Ajayi also known as TY.
2. Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi : Tayo’s father who was once a court servant and an interpreter in the native administration before joining the police.
3. Mr Jonathan Richardson: Father of Venessa.
4. Mrs Elizabeth Richardson: Mother of Venessa.
5. Mr Edward Maximilian Barker: The one who welcomed Omotayo prior to the letter given to Tayo by Mr Faircliff.
6. Headmaster Faircliff: Tayo’s Headmaster.
7. Mr Clark: Tayo’s Mathematics Teacher.
8. Mr Blackburn: British empire history teacher.
9. Bisi and Remi: Siblings of Tayo.
10. Modupe: Tayo’s Lover before going to Oxford at age 19.
11. Uncle Bolu also known as Uncle B: Tayo’s uncle who loved drinking and women. And women also loved him in return.
12. Uncle Oluwakayode Ogundipe: A Big Man in Lagos, who lived in a luxurious, a senior army officer before leaving for France to study Engineering. He was able to meet Venessa.
13. Helen: Uncle Kayode’s wife.
14. Aunty Bayo: Former girl friend of Uncle Kayode.
15. Mr Lekan Olajide from Ogbomoso on a voyage.
16. Mr Ibrahim Mohammed from Kaduna on a voyage
17. Mrs Isabella Barker: An attractive young Italian woman who preferred to be called “Isabella”.
18. Mr Ike Nwade: A student of History.
19. Mr Bolaji Ladipupo: A Law student.
20. Miss Christine Arinze: A student of Modern language who later became Tayo’s girlfriend but had a misunderstanding with Tayo because he didn’t want a longtime relationship. She later on had Ike has her boyfriend. She died of drug overdose (Suicide).
21. Christopher Okigbo: A poet and Omotayo’s teacher.
22. Venessa Richardson”aka Moremi by Tayo to show her fighting spirit”: Tayo’s white Lady lover.
23. Gita from Kenya: An English student.
24. Pat: A Physicist.
25. Jane: A Friend to Venessa a physicist also (whites).
26. Charlie and Mehul: (whites)
27. Simon: The president of west African Student.
28. Francis: From Ghana who was with the idea that independence came far too early for africans
29. Maynes Keynes: Venessa’s grandpa was in the colonial service Juma and Saratu? Are they cats?
30. Lord Lugard: was once the governor of Hong kong before coming to Nigeria and he also became our governor in the year 1914
31. Nancy Murdoch and Mr Murdoch.
32. Uncle Tony: who had s*x with Jane.
33. Madam Pagnole.
34. Chinua Achebe: things fall apart and No longer at Ease.
35. Nkrumah: The first president of Ghana and Senghor of Senegal Kenyatt.
36. Tunde: the cousin of Tayo who works in the bakery.
37. Yusuf Abubakar: who works in the hospital. HE believed white women were only meant for friendship but not for marriage with his genuine reasons.
38. Joyce: Yusuf’s white girlfriend who said he hasn’t heard Yusuf speak Nigerian before and then Yusuf replied her: you daft one, no one speaks Nigerian.
39. Mr and Mrs winter: across the road at Bradley
40. Joy Williams: The black WOMAN Yusuf got married to.
41. Anais Nin: The first British erotic writer.
42. Nigerian coup d’etat and Biafran war.
43. Salamatou: an hairstylist in Dakar, Senegal who died in a motor accident
44. Jean Luc: A French who had promised to marry Salamatou but ran away after he got to know she was pregnant.
45. Miriam: A nurse, whom treated Tayo’s father and got pregnant for Tayo. Got married to Tayo and gave birth to Kemi.
46. Kemi: Daughter of Tayo and Miriam
47. President Shagari.
48. Mr Akin: A carver.
49. Wole Soyinka: Okri the Booker.
51. Dogun Dutse Mobile station.
52. Samir: From Bradford.
53. Suleiman: Salamatou’s son hence Venessa’s adopted son. A Muslim he became and a drop out from Cambridge.
54. Abdou: The driver who was taken Tayo to the airport before an accident occur.
55. Laurent: Kemi’s boyfriend.
56. Danjuma: The gardener.
57. Professor John Harris: He is the man whom Kemi introduced to his father from the University.

Best of luck 
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