Telegram Added Game Support On The New V3.13 For Andriod And iOS> Downlaod Now

Telegram has been one of the best instant masseging app that packed many features in one app the popular instant messaging application was in fact is updated in desktop version (v0.10.9) in the development channel Mobile for iOS and Android (v3.13) introducing for the first time “ Gaming Platform “, a ‘unpublished on the bot-based games platform directly accessible within the chat.

Is very simple to operate, because you use only the bots to access hundreds of games with graphics and sound. You can interact directly with each individual bots or, alternatively, will be able to type in a chat room. To try to play in a group chat, for example, the staff of Telegram has activated a test bot @GameBot inviting users to become familiar with the new functionality. After entering the bot, you will have access to a list of available games and just pick one to challenge your friends directly from within the chat.

It can be played not only in a chat, but also “among” several chat existing. The platform will then save the best results of each chat, automatically creating a ranking by updating the chat members on who holds the “best score.”

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Create games Telegram is open to all as well as for the creation of stickers and bots, and as reported by the same official blog it can also take a little time to develop them. MathBattle for example, it was built in just three hours, while Corsairs required a commitment of only 5 hours. The games do not weigh down the application or require additional space: made of HTML5 the games are in fact loaded as simple web pages and therefore only accessible online.

The Telegram games available on iOS (iPhone 4 and higher) and Android in 4.4 and above.

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Version 3.13 Telegram also introduced both in iOS and Android of updates the bot API the changes to the emoji panels and sticker and some improvements to ‘video editor .

Starting with version 3.12 for iOS, the app then allows you to enter the markdown without using the bot inline @bold while you can also apply masks and stickers on GIF sending a video in turn automatically converted to GIF without audio.

Finally, remember that by updating the size of 3.12 was increased emoji when these were sent to a number less than four, but this feature has been removed in the latest update.

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Where To Download It

Andriod Users :- DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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