Airtel has again increased the price of the N50 for 1.5GB night data plan geometrically just within a short time that the plan was introduced.

This is not the first time that Airtel is increasing the price of their night data plan in geometric proportion.

If you recall, the prices of Airtel night data plans before this that formerly offer unlimited data for 3 hours and 6 hours and that cost N200 and N500 respectively were geometrically increase to N1000 500N and 300N And there they go again, the price of the new Airtel SmartTrbye night data plan that used to offer 1.5GB of data for N50 has been jacked up to N200 Now, if you try to subscribe to the airtel 1.5GB with N50 airtime, you will get the reply that you are having insufficient credit.


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This is the latest development just coming out from Airtel and i definitely know that lots of folks out there are not going to be happy with it.

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I don’t know why Airtel like playing the mind game here when it comes to their night data plans. Maybe they use the tactics of making their night data plans cheap at first to lure customers, and when they noticed that Many people are keying into the plan, they will just quietly increase the price. But one annoying thing here that we must spell out is on how Airtel increases the price of their night data plans geometrically ; because ordinarily, if there should be increase in price, one would have expected it to go from N50 to N100 and not to jump astronomically from N50 to N200.

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What should now be the way forward on this latest increment on the price of Airtel night data plan? The way forward we must tell you is as simple as ABC, and it is just for you to quietly switch from Airtel night data plan to MTN N25 for 500MB night data plan and allow airtel to go with their "Gobe”

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Let your friends and family be aware of this new change from Airtel, help safe your friend's airtime, share this post with them.

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