This is what the Note 7 recall has done to Samsung’s brand value

The Galaxy Note 7 will definitely go down as one of the greatest blunders the electronics world has ever seen, but what does that mean for Samsung? More specifically, what does that mean for Samsung’s image and brand? A new survey from the folks over at Branding Brand sheds some light on that, asking respondents if they’re likely to ever buy a Samsung phone again.

As it turns out, a fair few of Branding Brand’s respondents are planning to leave Samsung in the dust. 40% of respondents say that they plan on never buying another Samsung device, which is up 6% from an earlier Branding Brand survey that asks the same thing. That’s not exactly good news for Samsung, which now has to focus on repairing its reputation.

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That might be difficult to do, given current events. With the first Galaxy Note 7 recall still fresh in our minds, Samsung has been forced to recall the device a second time. There won’t be any replacements this time around, either, with Samsung opting to pull the plug on Galaxy Note 7 production entirely.

So, which companies are benefiting from Samsung’s misfortune? The survey results say that 8% of respondents plan to make the jump to Google Pixel, while 30% are planning to switch operating systems entirely by moving to iPhone. As unthinkable as that switch might seem to some of you loyal Android users, that’s actually down 4% from the first survey.

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Indeed, most respondents plan to stick with Android in some non-Samsung form, with 62% saying they’ll simply switch to another Android phone. That number is up from 57% in the first survey, and we likely have the Pixel to thank for it. Google’s new phones have managed to turn some heads at a time when people are looking for Note 7 alternatives, it seems.

In carrying out the survey, Branding Brand polled 1,000 respondents aged 18-65. The survey was carried out online over October 11 and 12, with each of the respondents owning a Samsung smartphone of some variety. Samsung will likely be able to bounce back to some extent, but with these recalls still fresh, it would appear that a lot of people aren’t interesting in giving the company another chance.

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SOURCE: Branding Brand

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