Top 100 Companies to Do Internship in Nigeria – All Courses

Are you looking for where to do internship in Nigeria? If yes you are in the right place. Here we have compiled up-to 100 companies you can do internship in Nigeria. We compiled list of paid internships in Nigeria. I mean internship opportunities that will pay you while you are with them.

In this page, you will both the graduate internship jobs in nigeria and undergraduate internship in nigeria. We also publish internship opportunities in foreign countries.

Top 100 Companies to Do Internship in Nigeria – All Courses

We will be updating this page regularly one we have new internship opportunities for you.

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Top Places to Apply for your Internship Programs

Typically, you can do your internship any where. Your choice of a place to apply depends on your course of study and available of the internship opportunity.

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1. Hospitals – If you studied medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, radiology, physiotherapy and other medical related courses.

2. Banks – If yo studied economics, management sciences

3. Oil and Gas / Construction companies – If you studied sciences and engineering courses

4. Brewery – if you studied Brewing Sciences, Food Science, Biochemistry

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5. Schools… etc.

This is not all. You can do your internship anywhere. All you need to do is to find a place early enough.

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