Yup! iPhone 7 Plus Allegedly Exploades In Transit

Nawa ooh is like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 7 are tired of these Earth as the are allegedly exploiting anyhow. The world-leading smartphones are exploding like the time bomb that ticks without your awareness.

The world’s leading smartphone makers just can’t stop copying each other. While the company has certainly improved its image over the past few years, Samsung is likely most famous for being an Apple copycat. After all, the company was sued repeatedly by Apple for stealing its technology and designs.
And as we all learned, things got so crazy at one point that Samsung even created a 132-page internal document to help its engineers copy the iPhone pixel by pixel. Of course, Apple is hardly innocent in all this. The iPhone maker has aped plenty of features from Android in recent years, and it probably never would have made iPhones with large displays if Samsung hadn’t paved the way.

Kroopthesnoop an iPhone 7 plus user made a post on his thread showing a matte black iPhone 7 that has exploded, he went ahead saying that a co-worker ordered a new iPhone 7 plus then waited for his new phone when the phone got to him. On opening the box he found out that the phone has exploded inside the park.

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  • Images Of Exploded iPhone 7 Plus
  • From my own point of view, Samsung Galaxy s7 and iPhone 7 plus are exploded just because the two phones was produced with the idea and pattern, because as I stated before Samsung do copy iPhone to produce their smartphones, which means the have the same factory error.

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    Samsung should please grow up and think of been original and of them self.

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